Friday, January 15, 2010

Partial view of Annular Solar Eclipse in chennai on 15 Jan 2010

The annular eclipse was only partially visible in chennai, and somehow I managed to capture a small part of it in my camcorder!!
Hope you all like it!

this was taken just around 2.00pm in hot conditions, using a big camcorder, with a folded up x-ray to block the sunlight... and I had to hold them both AND had to shoot at an awkward angle along with zooming and all...

so, it was really, really difficult to hold it steady, so apologies for the shaky footage...

oh! A note of warning here, I always thought that the sun would be less bright during an annular solar eclipse, because only a very small portion of it is visible, but I was terribly wrong (atleast for a partial view of the eclipse..), because, when I started shooting this video today, the sun was so bright, that I didn't realize it was just a crescent!! only when I used the xray, I came to see just how little of the sun was visible and yet how bright it was! So, what's the lesson here??

in the future, DO NOT LOOK AT A SOLAR ECLIPSE DIRECTLY, EVEN FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS!!!!! it's has a literally blinding effect on your eyes, take it from my experience...

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